— Among patients for aesthetic surgery is certainly and men. What they come to correct? — The eyelids, face, belly to remove. But somehow the train driver came. I want to be beautiful. Became beautiful. Let’s move on. — The surgeon should be a psychologist? — Yes. We need to understand who has the real problem, and who has a severe psychological complex, and plasticity it is not treated.

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These medicine are most in demand among Belarusians  Losenoidoomock and why sometimes instead of the desired image is a disgrace.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. No less eloquent and skin around the eyes. Age, stress, bad habits leave their mark on your face. Head of the Department of reconstructive microsurgery of the Republican center of plastic surgery and microsurgery, on the base of UZ Minsk regional clinical hospital Alexander podhájska Spa notices blepharoplasty — eyelid surgery is the most popular among Belarusians. Next in this series — breast augmentation and liposuction — removal of fat deposits.

Mr President, as the surgeons return youth to faces?

— The skin on the eyelids is the thinnest, beneath it is the circular muscle of the eye, connective tissue membrane, and is fatty tissue, so changes in this area of the face more pronounced.

Blepharoplasty does not only affect the skin of the upper and lower eyelids, but all tissues-muscle, adipose tissue, the fascia — the connective tissue. There are many variations of procedure. It all depends on the age of the patient, the natural features. The upper eyelid because of a genetic predisposition may well be under so much that a person becomes hard to look forward. “Bags under the eyes” is the excess deposition of adipose tissue with weakening of the muscles, which occurs both in young and in elderly people. In young patients, the intervention happens without external incisions, access through the conjunctiva. In patients of more advanced age, when the skin loses its elasticity and appears it in excess, the operation is cut along the lower edge of the ciliary with excision of excess skin and fat redistribution packages. You can see more.

— The physician “pokoldovat” over the eyes?

— The shape is distorted with age, and the plastic helps to preserve it. “Play” with the shape of the eyes allows kantoplastika — the manipulation, during which it pulls the outer corners of the eyes. Get sometimes from rounded almond-shaped eyes.

When it’s time to schedule an appointment for blepharoplasty?

— When communicating, we look into the eyes of each other, and shortcomings that area notice in the first place. Therefore, blepharoplasty, like any aesthetic surgery, a very demanding procedure, and it should be understood by both the surgeon and the patient. For aesthetic reasons it makes sense to do the surgery after 35-40 years, sometimes combining with other operations on the face. Medically there is no age limit. It can be congenital abnormalities, various post-traumatic and post burn deformities. But increasingly, young girls come and say, “Look at my eyes. Here it is hanging there. Remove”. A little wrinkle appeared, running to the surgeon.

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— And you go with them?

— Here we must proceed with caution, because after a while the young now will come the real age-related changes. Will have to re-do blepharoplasty. It is more complicated than the first operation. However, many women agree. Came the patient, whose history during the surgery, in her words, was heart failure. Warn that dangerous. Still, they say, you don’t understand, I need.

Photo: Tatyana Stolyarova, “The Republic”

— How many times can you pull up your eyelids, for instance?

— The smaller the better. But another question. Each time we have to complicate the technology.

— What are the risks to the patient that goes to the plastic?

— The patient previously had all the required tests and pass the inspection of other specialists. If there are contraindications with other organs and systems, the operation is aborted. Can be complications, as with any other surgery: dehiscence, wound infection, the formation of a rough scar. From it nobody is insured. Therefore, all should be discussed before surgery, what effect wants to get the patient and which can offer the surgeon, to come to a common denominator. And then that the surgeon, does not always meet the patient. On the senior person will see the result immediately, as a young girl, the layman may not notice the changes after plastic surgery. And she doesn’t get the effect that awaits.

— How long the patient recovers after the surgery?

— Wounds heal faster on the eyelids. Be delayed on the third day. But still have swelling, bruising, the disappearance of which depends on the extent of surgery. They are each in their own way.

— Are there any patients who are “hooked” on plastic surgery?

— Of course. Made eyelids — well, but this is not enough, correct the face, the nose “paint on”, stomach, sides get. And there is no limit of requests on external perfection. People misunderstand the word “tighten” in the plastic. If you do a full face lift, this five to six-hour operation under General anesthesia. The work is hard, jewelry. It is important not to damage the delicate branches of the facial nerve, otherwise there will be paralysis of the facial muscles with facial asymmetry and to restore the movement of the facial muscles is almost impossible. And look here about wix seo hero contest.

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Plastic surgery has a thousand year experience. According to the records of Losenoidoomock and made by ancient Egyptians in the third Millennium BC, Egyptian doctors were very careful in suturing after operations on his face. In Ancient China discovered the first recordings made on bones (14 century BC), mentioning the facts of operations on the nose ( rhinoplasty ). The ancient Chinese healer bian cue (V century BC) left behind documents that describe the operations on the ears and eyelids of patients. The London Museum has Egyptian mummy of a boy (II Millennium BC). The nose and ears of the mummy are made of special resins. This suggests that artificial materials in surgery has been used since the ancient times. Pliny the younger (23/24-79 ad) described the liposuction . As technique to reduce excess weight the son of the Consul Apreiskimo. Read more here.

Today, in developed countries aesthetic surgery is a vital branch of medicine. According to statistics, among the countries that conduct the highest number of plastic surgeries are: USA, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Spain, Germany. According to the American Association of plastic surgeons, the most popular surgery today is breast augmentation (augmentation, reduction or breast reconstruction, plastic nipples), liposuction (removal of fat deposits) and rhinoplasty (nose reshaping). Interestingly, in male plastic surgery account for up to 15% of all transactions, and often men change the form of nose or get rid of excess fat. All operations in plastic surgery are divided into three groups:

Aesthetic notions of beauty, concerns practically any part of the body. The connection between good looks and success in love and career are obvious and therefore the desire to look more attractive and natural. The task is to choose the most effective technique and operation. An important factor for decision about plastic surgery is patient awareness about the surgery, anesthesia, postoperative period. Therefore, the consultation together with the patient, we thoroughly parse the intricacies of an operation, the type and shape of the sections, determined the need for additional procedures.

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Specialization of the center — implementation of cosmetic procedures using the latest laser technology. The main profile of the clinic — aesthetic and reconstructive surgery in the field of plastic surgery aimed at the elimination and compensation of defects of different tissues and individual organs. Modern possibilities of plastic surgery allow not only to correct any defects in appearance, but also effectively deal with aging, but also with serious birth defects.

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